Probate specialists come together to make a difference

Through my interactions with the legal profession, I noticed a need for specialist probate services to help busy solicitors in their dealings with clients, which I named ‘Probate Logistics’. I’m also acutely aware that some bereaved clients appreciate a personal, yet professional touch in managing their affairs, which in turn, can make the area of property disposal a quicker process.

Probate can be challenging for immediate family and friends, especially when there are debates around wills and assets like property and belongings. It requires navigation and sensitivity, while quickly disposing of the estate to distribute inheritance shares. Managing clients’ affairs can be overwhelming, so working with trusted colleagues in the areas of probate and logistical services is invaluable.

The team include Sara Kenny, the leading independent valuation expert, Janet O’Byrne, a registered stockbroker with extensive experience in portfolio division and re-registration, Eneclann, the forensic title searchers and Seamless Movers, who can take care of re settlement of legacy tenants in property bequests.

These services aid clients and families in making desired lifestyle transitions. Clients can choose services as needed, or appoint myself as the overall project manager to work with specialists on solicitors’ behalf. I handle all of the practical complexities involved in delivering the inheritances safely to their intended beneficiaries wherever they may be across the world.

In my own specialty of packing and shipping fine art and antiques, trust and expertise are key. My experience and understanding of the packing, shipping, custom clearance, and overseas delivery, ensures care and protection of the bequests throughout the process. Bespoke crating safeguards items, employing suitable techniques and materials. My expertise ensures cherished pieces withstand the journey.

I can also arrange property content valuation, packing and shipping worldwide and assist in disposal through auction houses or storing/disposing of complete contents for property sale and family division. No matter the probate needs, my decades of moving and storage experience ensure that the estate dispersal is handled with care, sensitivity and professionalism.