When it comes to specialist packing and shipping of fine art and antiques, trust and expertise are paramount. With years of experience and a real understanding and appreciation of art and antiques, my team and I ensure the utmost care and protection throughout the entire process.

At the heart of the packing service is the meticulous creation of bespoke crating, tailor-made to safeguard your valuable items. Every crate is thoughtfully designed and crafted, incorporating cutting-edge techniques and materials to provide maximum security and preservation. From delicate paintings to intricately detailed sculptures, my expertise ensures that your cherished pieces will withstand any journey.

In terms of logistics, I have an extensive network of trusted shipping agents which can facilitate customs documentation, seamless transportation and delivery worldwide. You can also be assured of an unwavering commitment to personally supervise and monitor the safe arrival of all items creating a smooth and worry-free shipping experience.

Finding a trusted one stop agent to expertly pack and deliver valuable belongings to their end destination can be a challenge, but through my trusted colleagues and network, this process can be taken care of professionally and with the sensitivity and care it deserves.

See how my team catalogued, packed and moved over four large bays of antiques within a four week period.