The whole area around probate can be a distressing time for immediate family, relations and friends, especially when there can be ongoing debates around wills and disposable assets such as property and belongings. Often it requires navigation with a certain amount of sensitivity, whilst being aware that the estate needs to be disposed of quickly to realise each beneficiaries share of the legacy.

My invaluable experience and network of valuers, shipping and estate agents offers a bespoke service to private individuals, families, lawyers, executors and trusts for the effective and confidential management of property and moveable assets, fine art and antiques.

Along with my trusted colleagues, I can arrange for valuation of entire or selected contents of a property and pack and ship individual bequests worldwide. I can also assist in disposal through auction houses, or indeed store or dispose of the complete house contents, allowing the property to be sold and family division to progress.

Often, there are more complex needs to complete the process of asset disposal and there’s a call for additional services such as mediation, estate planning, restoration, insurance, inheritance tax advice, genealogy searches and on-site security to be arranged.

Whatever probate requirements arise, you can be assured that along with decades of experience of moving and storage, the ‘moving’ on of assets and all the complexities that come with it, will be handled with care, sensitivity and above all, professionalism.


  • Liaison with Legal Advisors & Executors
  • Property Survey & Inventory Creation
  • Professional Packing & Shipping Worldwide
  • Insurance & Customs Clearance Worldwide
  • Independent Valuation of Art & Antiques
  • Removal & Storage of House Contents
  • House Clearance & Preparation for Sale
  • Family Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Case Study 1 – ‘One-week turnaround’
A US-based executor approached me with an urgent request to manage an Irish property before the bank withdrew their mortgage offer to a buyer in the ‘chain’. Working with her local solicitor, I successfully managed the clearance of the house contents, some relevant paperwork to conclude the sale, found a vehicle buyer for her father‘s car and shipped a selection of personal items from her inheritance back to the United States.

Case Study 2 – ‘Multiple location co-ordination’
This example featured multiple location coordination – a bereaved client with property and assets in Ireland and an extended family in Europe. Key requirements of the project included organising a valuer of antique furniture, family liaison on fair dispersal, professional packing and shipping to both the UK and Europe and organisation of the remaining items into a specialist auction.

Case Study 3 – ‘The importance of dialogue’
In this instance, clear and considerate communication was important to achieve fair and appropriate disposal of inherited assets. Important antiques and art were left to family members, but the true value was in the negotiation of sentimentality versus shipping costs. The results saw one person obtaining family portraits and the other antique furniture for their home. This resulted in the younger beneficiary acquiring the furnishing of their home and the older beneficiaries abroad receiving family portraits, china, crystal and silverware to keep fond memories alive and delivered more cost-efficiently.