Best advice is drawn from experience and with over five decades behind him, including the foundation, operation, growth and selling of Ireland’s largest relocation company, Patrick Oman is a pioneer in his industry.

The logistics and relocation business has its own particular niche, so when it comes to succession and planning, it’s important to have the advice of someone who understands the ins and outs of a dynamic and fast-moving business.

There is also no end to the number of auxiliary requirements that arise when relocating to a new country and moving goods internationally, particularly for antiques and high value goods. Each requirement brings difficulties, often new and unique.

Patrick Oman and Associates provide consultation and advice to business owners in the moving and relocation industry. Specifically, in the areas of logistics, succession and planning, antiques and valuables and general consultancy.

Probate Services Associates

My colleagues offer a comprehensive range of services including probate valuation, title research, legal, logistical, residential and personal affairs. More

Packing & SHipping

When it comes to specialist packing and shipping of fine art, belongings and antiques. trust. care and expertise are paramount throughout the entire process. More

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